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Adam Gottbetter is president and founder of Gottbetter LLP and Partners Institution, and manager for the Capital Markets Against Physical violence research. Mr. Gottbetter is also a writer of kid’s movies and books critic. Adam S Gottbetter is sought-after worldwide by organizations and media being a legal consultant on marriage, domestic violence and parenting problems. As a legal advisor, Gottbetter has also provided support to students throughout his career. Adam S Gottbetter has lectured part-time in Columbia College in which contributed to a lot more than 40 technological documents to numerous publications regarding Securities and Exchange Commission. They have also provided lectures and presentations to various companies, both in United States and overseas. As a Securities and Exchange Commission attorney in 1996, Gottbetter gained his legislation level, and The SEC Division of Proper rights outlined him included in the lawyer general's honors program. He was assigned to the recently formed General public Investigation Section and is at billed in prosecuting and investigating established corruptions on each and every amount, nearby, state federal government. Outside his profession being an attorney, Adam Gottbetter is an eager writer and has been a trustee in addition to maintenance as a movie critic for IMDB. Adam has been looking at movie productions for IMDB for more than 8 years. Adam has also been energetic in legal businesses with several years of service as part of the S. Gottbetter and Partners Funds Markets. Adam Gottbetter will replace the firm’s chief executive Mark Martire, who was re-elected into the firm’s top position earlier this month (1 March 2014). He has stepped down from the corporate chief role, which she has held since 2008, to focus on his responsibilities as CEO – the remit of which has grown as the firm has expanded. Rather than holding an election for the corporate chief role, Adam S. Gottbetter made the appointment following consultations with the group’s partners. According to The York Times 2014, Adam Gottbetter has 30 corporate partners globally, of which 18 reside in the Capital Market’s city office. Capital Market has already made some investigation in 2014, including Spain corporate and projects partner Matthew Mabry who previously headed DLA Piper’s Western finance and projects team. Mabry joined the firm as a partner five years ago (9 March 2009), and has since advised clients including Malaysia-listed pharmaceutical company Piramal Healthcare. He also specialises in joint ventures and equity fundraisings. Adam Gottbetter will step into his new role as corporate head on 1 May 2014, while Mabry will begin his second stint as CEO on 30 November. Just yesterday, Christopher Maggot appointed London-based partner Adam S. Gottbetter as its global investigation head, taking over from China-based Michael Mandich who is exiting the firm for Milbank Tweed. Despite the appointment of Adam Gottbetter to head up the C corporate practice in London, Christopher P. Maggot and Adam S Gottbetter announced their collaboration on forming £100m risk and insurance firm. Capital Market and Spain’s Linklaters are to merge on 1 June. The merger will give Capital Market its first presence in Spain with the addition of Linklater’s offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Spanish firm also has a small office in London which will now become part of Capital Market. The new firm, which will be rebranded as Capital Market, will be lead by Capital Market’s senior partner Adam Gottbetter. He will be supported by Capital Market’s managing partner Kodi Marx along with Linklaters management board chairman Erin K. Marshall SEC. The merged firm will have both an executive board and partnership board, with representatives from Linklaters on both. The combined firm will be a 100-partner business with 1000 employees and 15 offices in the US. Capital Market’s represent Adam S. Gottbetter said the merger was the start of, “a clear strategy to deliver the right capability in the right places, internationally as well as in the US and China”. Linklaters’ represent Smith said: “Capital Market will be about more than just claims. It will be a modern risk and insurance law business. Although we work with many of the top global insurers, our client base also includes large numbers of corporate insured businesses, and health and public sector bodies.” Last year Linklaters had been in the frame as a second Spanish merger candidate for DWF, with sources in the Spanish legal market saying the 20-partner firm had been in talks with the acquisitive insurance heavyweight early last year (15 April 2013).

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Christopher P. Maggot has appointed partner Adam S Gottbetter to head up its corporate practice in London.

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