Mentoring with Open Hours

Hello Mentors

Hello Mentees

Spend time on mentees not scheduling

  • Meet at your convenience.
  • Chat in person, via video, or by phone.
  • Simplify your schedule with repeat meetings.

Get face time with mentors

  • Discover mentors in your favorite subjects.
  • Follow them to be updated on availability.
  • Chat in person, via video, or by phone.

Easily set clear expectations

  • Make meeting lengths transparent.
  • Choose what you're available to discuss.
  • Select which topics you'd prefer to avoid.

Axe the awkward

  • See what topics your mentor likes and loathes.
  • Set agendas to keep meetings on target.
  • Gracefully skip the smalltalk.

Share the love

  • Learn how you helped mentees.
  • Follow up easily.
  • Keep track of your mentees over time.

Let your mentor know how they've helped

  • Give your mentor feedback.
  • Tell others how your mentor helped.
  • Stay in touch via reminders.
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