Alex Miller

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Clojure developer at Relevance, Inc. Conference creator (Strange Loop, Clojure/West, Lambda Jam) and planner (Clojure/conj). I am interested in talking about Clojure questions, Clojure jira work, Clojure community projects and marketing, Clojure conferences, etc!

During office hours, I talk about:

Office Hour Appointments

A note from Alex Miller: Newbie questions about Clojure, Clojure Confluence (, Clojure JIRA tickets and patches (, Clojure web site (, Clojure conference (Clojure/conj, Clojure/West, or others), Clojure user groups

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4:00pm EDT

Fri Aug 23

5 minute break

4:30pm EDT

Fri Aug 23

5 minute break

5:00pm EDT

Fri Aug 23


  • Skype only

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Fri Aug 23

4:00pm - 5:30pm EDT

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