About Ohours

Ohours builds relationships through face-to-face conversations.

Open hours help you meet new people, connect over shared interests, and structure your time together - so you spend more time with people and less on logistics.

Ohours can be in person or by video chat, so you get to know each other whenever, wherever works for you.

These characters tend to love Ohours:

  • Individuals meeting new people without awkwardly roaming at “networking” events.
  • Professionals sharing ideas and knowledge in an organized format.
  • Companies engaging their community, customers, and potential hires.
  • Business development professionals connecting with potential partners.
  • Freelancers and consultants exploring relationships with new clients.


Open office hours with Nathan Hurst

Nathan Hurst

Founder at Ohours & Hirelite. I love one-on-one, face-to-face conversations.

Nathan hosts open hours to give back his technical and product skills to startups and non-profits.

Nathan has a background in web video technologies, founding Hirelite.com to introduce companies and job seekers for face-to-face conversations via video chat. Previously, he was VP of Engineering at yappr.com, a video-based English language learning site.

Meet Nathan through Ohours

Open office hours with Nate Westheimer

Nate Westheimer

CEO & Co-founder of Picturelife, Creator of Ohours.org, President of NY Tech Meetup (NYTM),

After hosting his own personal open hours for years, Nate launched Ohours to connect people who wouldn't have met otherwise for face-to-face conversations.

Nate is an early-stage investor and the Executive Director the NY Tech Meetup. Formerly, Nate was the Co-Founder and EVP of Product & Technology at AnyClip and EIR at Rose Tech Ventures.

Meet Nate through Ohours

Open office hours with Vanessa Hurst

Vanessa Hurst

Building CodeMontage to save the world with code. Founded Developers for Good & Girl Develop It. ...

Vanessa is a data fiend and faux extrovert who loves people, just not in large groups. Vanessa believes genuine, direct conversations can change the world.

Vanessa co-founded Girl Develop It and uses Ohours to connect with students, teachers, and supporters. She also founded Developers for Good to connect nonprofits and developers with Meetups & Ohours.

Meet Vanessa through Ohours


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