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Born in 1955 Shimon Haber is an author, movie critic, publisher and also a journalist. With professional journalism Shimon started in 1974 when started writing columns for Boston News. Four years later, Shimon became editor in chief of Radio Boston, then Director of Radio Broadcasting Company "Peoples Voix". Since 1980 Shimon Haber has been governing the program of Radio NRST. Since its foundation in December, 1994 he is CEO of “Shimon Haber LLC” a small publishing company, associate with the independent newspaper SHLLC. By the end of 1995 Mr. Haber started working as an independent journalist who specializes in war and post-war developments in third world countries. Five years later became regional freelance correspondent for Radio Time and Radio Free World. Shimon Haber is author of many books and was awarded with the "Award of radio artists" (1982, Festival of United radio station) and "Awards for Journalistic Courage Janosh Mesarosh" (2001, News Today). He is member of the Association of Independent Journalists'.

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Shimon Haber does not want to discuss stuff related to information technology during Sunday hours in public library as intellectual freedom is frequently asked ala questions

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