Tara Walker

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Tara is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, the MS employee formerly know as, a Developer Evangelist. … moreCurrently focusing on Windows 8 & Mobile Cross-Platform development with C# working with Professional and Student/Academic developers. Enjoying getting to play with the Xamarin products (MonoDroid, MonoGame, MonoTouch), as well as, dabbling with JavaScript, WinJS, Azure, and Kinect Development and rarely every now and then she gets to revisit her previous roots with C++. Tara currently lives in Atlanta and works for the Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism East Region team. She has the great privilege to work with all types of developers including STEM collegiate students and faculty in the Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and Mississippi area. She has been with Microsoft for 10 Years (wow time flies when you having fun). Prior to Microsoft, Tara worked for several years at various Fortune 500 companies in the Atlanta area as a Software Engineer/Software Developer and Development Lead. Learn more at my blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/tarawalker or follow me on Twitter @taraw

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